April 20, 2011

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

April 20, 2011

Greetings friends,

Hello from Ohio. We returned home from tour, loaded in the suitcases and guitars and I immediately took an after dark walk around the farm. I had forgotten the physical sensation of feeling bright moonlight on my face with eyes closed.

The robins build their nests, but put no eggs in them for awhile. They stand off at a distance and wait to see what happens. If nothing extraordinary occurs, then they go ahead and put the beautiful blue eggs in the nest.

Again, it’s a wonder the mourning doves have any offspring at all. They pick the most inane places for their flimsy nests, which often blow away before they’re completed.

Our neighbor said they saw a full-grown male ring-necked pheasant in our front yard, but we haven’t seen him. We have begun to hear the bobwhite though, and the elegant barn swallows are back. Their flight always sends a shiver down the spine.

It’s been cool, wet, a little stormy in Ohio. Was good to be home for a spell.

Thank you to all of you who joined us on our Long Surrender Tour from Boston to Minneapolis. Truly, an amazing run… 

Here is some of the latest Over the Rhine news:

JAPAN. Karin and I are hopping on a jet tomorrow and flying to Japan. We are going to offer our songs in a spirit of healing and support at Watching The Sky Festival, April 24, and at AOYAMA CAY in Tokyo, April 25. We know we will receive far more than we could ever give.

ABC’s BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Fans of Kim Taylor and Over the Rhine may want to tune in this coming Sunday evening, April 24. :0)

INFAMOUS LOVE SONGS: Over the Rhine performs LIVE with the Cincinnati 
Ballet on April 29 and 30. Three Performances! Three nationally-known choreographers have choreographed 19 of our songs in three acts. We perform live with the dancers at the beautiful Aronoff Center. Join us! 

MAY CONCERTS: OtR ON TOUR: Upcoming dates in Ohio, Virginia, Delaware, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee! Check out overtherhine.com

Over the Rhine: Conversations on a Musical Train: September 23-29, 2011, with amazing guests Mary Gauthier, Richard Shindell, Michael Wilson and more. Join us for a musical train ride, mountains, hot springs, outdoor fires and lots of music.

Yes, overtherhine.com for more on all the above.

Peace like a river, Love like an ocean,

Over the Rhine