April, 2007

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April, 2007

Over the Rhine Quick Update

1. It’s springtime in Ohio. The grass is green, green, green. The maples are covered in buds. But I overheard two women speaking yesterday, and they said we might get snow later in the week. And to think that the cherry trees are already in blossom.

2. Thanks to all who joined us this past weekend in Goshen, Indiana, and Nelsonville, Ohio. Two wonderful venues that we hope to return to in the not too distant future. We enjoyed ourselves very much, and if you haven’t seen Mickey and Jake do their thing with our music yet, you’re in for a treat.

3. Good news: All of the Live From Nowhere Volume Two CD’s have shipped!!! Thanks for all the kind words about the project. If you don’t receive yours shortly, let us know, and we’ll follow up to make sure everyone’s peachy. Check out OvertheRhine.com for recently-added song by song commentary and song credits.

4. The tiny treat: Ok, we’ll ‘fess up. We had ordered OtR stickers to include with all the pre-ordered CD’s, but when the order arrived, we didn’t feel that the stickers were high enough quality. So we worked out a deal to have a do-over. Problem is, the do-over batch still hasn’t arrived. Rather than hold up everyone’s order, we opted to go ahead and ship the CD’s without the tiny treat.

5. How the @*+%%!! do I get my tiny treat, you ask? Well, how ’bout this:

6. When the stickers arrive, we’re going to ship out enough to cover all the pre-orders to Port Merch, our new on-line fulfillment company. When you place your next order (Trumpet Child anyone, later this year?) just mention that you pre-ordered LFN Vol. 2, and Port Merch will include the sticker with your next order.

***Or, if you have plans to attend any concert this year, we have a secret password. You can simply walk up to the table and say, I Pre-ordered LFN Volume Two. Where the Bleep is my sticker? Our volunteers will be slightly traumatized, but they’ll know exactly what to do.

***If there’s no way on God’s green earth that you’re ever placing another order, or seeing Over the Rhine this year (and yes, we are traveling to Europe and the UK in August) simply drop us a note at otrhine@aol.com and we’ll mail your sticker as soon as they arrive. Sorry for any confusion. As Juicy sometimes says after soundcheck, If it ain’t one thing, it’s somethin’ else!

7. We just mixed the new Over the Rhine record that’s due out this August. Very exciting. Someone in the know described it as “dark, vibey, Berlin meets Paris Cab Cabaret…” We’ll never tell, but stay tuned for much more.

8. Finally, don’t forget about these upcoming shows. We sure do hope to see you. It’s way more fun that way:

Sun Apr 15: Atlanta GA, Smith’s Olde Bar, age 21+

Mon Apr 16: Charlotte NC, Visulite Theatre, age 21+
with Vienna Teng

Wed Apr 18: Charlottesville VA, Gravity Lounge, age 21+

Thu Apr 19: Vienna VA, Jammin’ Java, all ages

Fri Apr 20: Annapolis MD, Ram’s Head Tavern, age 21+

Sat Apr 21: New York NY, Joe’s Pub, all ages
TWO SHOWS: 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm

Tues Apr 24: Beaver Falls PA, Geneva College, all ages

Fri Apr 27: Cincinnati OH, 20th Century Theatre, all ages*

Sat Apr 28: Cincinnati OH, 20th Century Theatre, all ages*

Wed May 02: Ann Arbor MI, The Ark, all ages*

Thu May 03: Ann Arbor MI, The Ark, all ages*

Fri May 04: Akron OH, Lime Spider, all ages*

*Special Guest: Ellery

Bye for now,

Linford for Over the Rhine

PS It’s back! The April Download of the Month: The Poopsmith Song!

Check out OvertheRhine.com for much more.