December 14, 2006

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

December 14, 2006

Hello fellow travelers,

Just a quick hello and a note to let you know what’s shakin’…

We’ve had a great time on the road these last few weeks and in spite of the fact that there’s a nasty bug going around, we’re fighting back. We’re strong when we’re together. And we’re lookin’ forward to seeing many more of you this week as a good year winds to a close.

Hope you can join us.


Tonight, Thursday December 14: Over the Rhine with special guest Swan Dive at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, TN.

Friday, December 15: An evening with Over the Rhine at The Dame in Lexington, KY.

Saturday, December 16: Our holiday homecoming concert at The Taft Theater in Cincinnati, OH. Mary Gauthier joins us at this beautiful, historic venue just a few blocks from The Genius of Water.

Sunday, December 17: Our 3pm gathering at St. Elizabeth’s with wine, coffee and festive food. It’s not too late to get your name on the guest list. There’ll be music and conversation and general conviviality — we really enjoyed ourselves last year. Hope you can make it. Check out OvertheRhine.com… (If you order a ticket, or have done so recently and it hasn’t yet arrived, don’t worry, we have your name on the guest list. And your welcome to bring a friend or your family along.)


All Snow Angels CD pre-orders have shipped and it’s not too late to order copies for family or friends. Eleven original Over the Rhine songs, with genuine Over the Rhine, thrift store-clad super-heroes on the cover, extensive liner notes and more. File it under: “And now for a little something different…” Check out OvertheRhine.com for details… (If you’re in Cincinnati, you can pick up a copy at Shake It Records, Everybody’s Records, Joseph Beth Booksellers or at Barnes and Nobles.)

And the word is in: People love our Over the Rhine Blend: organic, fresh-roasted, fair-trade coffee shipped direct to your door! And we love the fact that it’s got y’all talkin’… Y’know, real conversation and what not. It’s a great stocking stuffer, and we guarantee it will be the best smelling stocking in the room. Order yours at OvertheRhine.com…

You can also pre-order your signed limited edition copy of Live From Nowhere Volume Two at, you guessed it, OvertheRhine.com…

Thanks for a great year. And hope we see you this week. (The weather they’re calling for in Ohio this week is beautiful, sunny, mild. Spontaneous road-trippers welcome.)


All of us in Over the Rhine

PS (And we’re currently workin’ on rescheduling the DC and Annapolis shows in January.)