December 14, 2010

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

December 14, 2010

Over the Rhine Big Weekend/New Record

Hello friends,

I’m sitting alone at the Iris Book Café on Main Street in the neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine on a dark, December, Tuesday night.

Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Karin is running her bundled errands in the city. We spent her birthday at home yesterday, happy to be back safely from Chicago, unpacking, doing laundry, getting the dogs to bay excelsior from time to time in the kitchen. They can make a racket if we put them up to it.

What an amazing string of concerts that was. It’s all still ringing faintly in my ears. Thank you to all you who found us and completed the circle so beautifully. Amazing. Really.

The apartment I kept for 10 years is about a block south of here. It was in that third-story bedroom overlooking Main Street that we pushed the “record” button for the very first time to see what would happen if we did.

This neighborhood was like a foreign country to me then. I had grown up in a family with a father who would pull the car over to the side of the road to admire an old growth deciduous tree, but here on Main Street, back in the day, I couldn’t see a single tree from my apartment. When my father visited me that first spring, he planted flowers in all the third-story window boxes to give us something green to look at.

But there was music inside us and when we pushed that red button, little did we know we would blow our hearts wide open and spend the rest of our lives trying to pick up the pieces. Ah, but you’ve come along, so it’s all good, right? We’ve had more than a few dances in the kitchen together, spilled some good wine, helped the sun rise a few times.

And we’ve got several warm evenings of music waiting for you before we call it a year. And we’ve got a brand new record all wrapped up.

Yes. Thanks to you, we ain’t washed up just yet.

All the Over the Rhine news worth noting at present:


It’s a big one.

This Friday night, December 17, THE LONG SURRENDER – LIVE: We’re playing our new record from start to finish for the first time at a stunningly beautiful theater at The Aronoff in downtown Cincinnati. We’ve got 7 musicians on board, and Joe Henry, our producer, will be keeping a close eye on the proceedings. (This show is only available as part of a Great Speckled Dog package that includes all three wknd events. Tix on sale through this Thursday at noon at overtherhine.com…)

This Saturday night, December 18, it’s our annual holiday concert at The Taft Theater, with very special guest, friend and ally, Joe Henry. We’re going to blow the seams out of the songs with a six-piece-plus band, lean deep into THE LONG SURRENDER, and pull a few familiar songs from Snow Angels, The Trumpet Child etc into the mix.

Finally, this coming Sunday afternoon, December 19, we’re hosting our soiree at St. Elizabeth’s in Norwood with Latte’s made in front of your eyes (you’ll be drinking artwork), true Belgian Waffles, festive refreshments of various sort, sparkling beverages, acoustic music and conversation in a ragged cathedral. Join us as we bring our touring year to a close, lift a glass together, grinning.

All of the above is designed to warm up a heart real good, make sad people happy and vice versa, and Lord knows we need it.


Our brand new record, THE LONG SURRENDER, produced by Joe Henry, with an amazing cast of musical conjurers is available now exclusively at overtherhine.com. It doesn’t officially hit record stores until the first week of February, 2011, but we’ve got CD’s now for the faithful. If you order, you can download the music immediately, and the CD’s ship immediately as well.

Also, we expect to have the first shipment of THE LONG SURRENDER on deluxe GATEFOLD VINYL in our hands by this friday. If you’d like to order the vinyl, we’re quite sure you’ll have them to you in time for Christmas. Drop the needle on a snowy night.

(Please note, the deluxe Box-Set version of THE LONG SURRENDER is still in the pipeline, but will ship as soon as they arrive. Stay tuned.)


Don’t forget that we’ve recorded two Christmas CD’s that hopefully can put more than a little warmth into a room this time of year. There was a blind girl with braids and a black dress, lived next to me I could tell you the address… Snow angel, someday we’re gonna fly…


We have a brand new t-shirt available, designed by Ohio artist Rob Seiffert that has, All My Favorite People Are Broken, tucked into a broken-hearted piano. And there’s fresh-roasted OtR blend coffee, and Trumpet Child songbooks, and a few spare instrumental records that can make a room feel right on a winter night.

Thanks for the part you’ve played in sustaining this labor of love for so long.

Well, yes, it’s about that time. I’m gonna head on back to the farm and curl up early with a Jon Katz book in bed. We’ll see you on the other side.

Peace like a river, love like an ocean,

Linford (and Karin)

Pls share the above freely. Orphaned believers, skeptical dreamers, you’re welcome. You can stay right here. You don’t have to go.

PS If you’re coming into Cincinnati from out of town this wknd, photographer Michael Wilson has an amazing collection of portraits in a gallery just across the river in Covington. Drop us a note on facebook and we’ll get you the info if you’re interested. And Maurice Mattei has his Pictures from Italy up here at The Iris Book Café – another beautiful show well worth seeing. Enjoy.