December 21, 2002

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

December 21, 2002


Today is a blustery, bright December day in Ohio.

We wanted to take a few moments to wish you all happy holidays. We returned home safely from our Christmas tour and have been reflecting on how much we enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to all of you who attended the shows and (heavens to Betsy) to those of you who came loaded down with treats: flowers, cookies, tiny drawings, heart-shaped waffles, banana bread, jewelry, birthday cake!, baskets of Swedish treats, bottles of wine and so on–you surprise and delight us with your kindnesses along the way. Thank you.

We’d like to especially thank Bill Mallonee for joining us on all these dates. And big thank you’s of course to the Texans: Brian Standefer (cello) and Will Sayles (percussion) and to our tour manager from Windsor, Ontario: Mike Sponarski.

We’d also like to thank Kris Barberg for toting her cameras around and taping a fair bit of the proceedings. We’ll be working on a DVD project with her in the coming year. We’re anxious to see what she’s come up with so far and we look forward to eventually hearing the stories of those of you who were interviewed.

So we picked out a 9′ Frazier Fir last night and began decorating. Today we’re going to try to prune and trim the pine tree in our front yard and wrap it in strands of white lights. We feel sort of bad about trimming a tree in December, but our A&R man at Backporch owns a Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin, and he says it should be fine. Our particular pine rejects the classic cylindrical shape and grows wild and glorious in all directions.

We’re closing the Over the Rhine office for the holidays. If you ordered CD’s etc from the website, everything has been shipped out Priority Mail. We’ll take care of any additional orders after Christmas.

We are grateful to all of you. It’s been a good year.

Well that’s it for now. We’ll be hunkered down for the first several months of next year trying to get some of these songs wrestled onto tape. We’ll see you at the end of March.

Blessings and other good things your way,
Linford and Karin

– – –

We’d like to recommend the therapeutic massage of our friend Sandie Brock. We think you’ll appreciate her sweet spirit and your body and soul will thank you.

– – –

TURN OFF THE TV: Life is too short to live without a good piano in the house. We’d like to thank Terri and Jack Krefting for helping us find our Steinway. If you’d like to find your own dancing partner with 88 keys, give Terri Krefting a call.