December 5, 2002

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

December 5, 2002

Well folks,

It’s time. There is snow outside. Highs in the low-20’s today. Towns w/o power in the south and parts of the Midwest. Yes, it’s time for Over the Rhine to hit the road.

Quite often, prior to these December tours, Karin and I look at each other and say, What were we thinking?

But in spite of snowy roads, in spite of our breath making ghosts in the icy air, these hard-won, after-dark Christmas concerts are usually among our favorite shows of the year. There’s just something about coming in out of the cold to make music for warm-blooded folks. We’re playing as an acoustic quartet this December with a cellist and percussionist–something we’ve never tried. And somehow, even after all these years, we are excited by the prospect that we have no idea what will happen.

A few reminders:

If you’re coming to the Cincinnati show on Friday, please remember to bring an item to donate to the Cincinnati YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter. (There’s something oddly heartening about showing up at a concert with a 24 pack of TP under one arm. Sort of helps everyone keep perspective.)

And if you’d like to be interviewed before the Cincinnati concert, doors open at 7pm. Kris Barberg, our producer, will be set up in the downstairs lobby. She and a crew are shooting the concert. We’re beginning to gather footage for a DVD project, and we’d like you to participate if you’re so inclined. Bring along a few stories, and you can leave your hat on.

So we’re playing this month in Cincinnati, Chicago (two shows), Cleveland, Boston, Northampton (Mass), NYC (two shows) and Philadelphia (two shows). Bill Mallonee is joining us for all the dates. Woot!

You can check out overtherhine.com for more on all the above. (And it’s a great place to get your hands on a fist-full of cd’s if you want to spread some music around this Christmas.)

Thanks for everything.

Happy holidays,

Over the Rhine