February 5, 2001

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

February 5, 2001

Overwhelming to some, Addicting to many…

Hello everyone. I guess it’s really going to happen. This morning we received a box of pre-releases: final versions of Over the Rhine’s new record, Films For Radio. CDs with final artwork will follow shortly. The official due date is March 13, 2001.

I’m not sure how to feel. Part of me is very excited. I did one interview already with a magazine based in Philadelphia, and the reviewer had liked what he heard. But this surprised me for some reason. It’s a messy, juicy record full of doubts and hopes and tiny epiphanies. It occurs to me that we should try to be more reserved: it might be less embarrassing for everyone.

If you showed up for a date with Karin’s voice these days, the door would open, and you would find yourself being wrapped up and kissed keenly on the mouth on the lamplit porch before you even had a chance to clear your throat and speak her name. While singers like Ron Sexsmith and Suzanne Vega make notable careers out of being understated, coy, never breaking into a sweat, it seems to me that Karin sings as if it’s her last night on earth, her last ever song, her last blushing gasp.

Overwhelming to some, addicting to many…

Those of us who are addicted are accustomed to closed eyes, blindfolded hearts, outstretched arms, fingers brushing deliciously against smooth fleet dreams and trembling toward downy hidden places enfolded with musky spirituality and melodic sighs.

You might say I’m a fan, and I’ve had my coffee.

So I sit down here in the library in Cincinnati and look out the lofty windows. It’s spitting snow and like always, I have no idea what to expect. I have chosen a life that is irrepressibly unpredictable.

Overwhelming to some, addicting to many…

So anyway, what I want to say is, for those of you who are intrigued by this sort of thing, we’re putting the farm up for sale once again. You can pre-order a copy of Films For Radio thru the end of February, by calling our office or by visiting overtherhine.com. At the beginning of March, Karin and I will take a few days to sign and number these CD’s reflecting the order in which we received your order. A package with the special goods will be hand-delivered to your door on the 13th of March. You might receive number 2. You might receive number 42. If you order copies for your many exotic lovers around the world, you might receive numbers 61 thru 76. We will also slip in a tiny trifle that is a surprise.

* * *

After we sign all the goods, we’ll begin packing our bags and rehearsing for the first leg of our tour. We will be working up a brand new evening of music which will be coming soon to a theater near you so to speak. We’ve got our work cut out for us, because this record has a fairly broad sonic palette and will definitely push the Over the Rhine envelope in some new directions. We think you’re gonna like it.

We have some scattered college shows coming up that we’re looking forward to, but the Films For Radio tour will officially begin on March 23rd at Bogarts in Cincinnati. Other cities that we’ll visit in the first leg include:
Rochester, Michigan
Cleveland, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Indianapolis, Indiana
St. Louis, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri
Denver, Colorado
Salt Lake City, Utah
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California
Los Angeles, California
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dallas, Texas
Austin, Texas
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan

et al

You can go to overtherhine.com for more information. We’ll post the dates as they are confirmed. A second leg will cover more of the East Coast, South and Southeast.

Note: If you or a friend are on a college concert committee, or just happen to own your very own amphitheater in the desert and would like to book an Over the Rhine concert for this Spring, please contact Stacie at our office immediately: otrhine@aol.com… We’ll pass the info along to our brand new booking agency, and we’ll try to fit you in. We’re open to variety when it comes to concert venues, as you might have noticed.

We would also like to sincerely thank all of you who looked us up last December. We had an absolute blast on our Christmas Tour–I don’t know how else to describe it. Our audiences (You) were warm, quick to smile, energetic–you gave so much. Special thanks to those of you who brought flowers for Karin (!), or came bearing tiny gifts: homemade jewelry, a copy of a favorite book, care packages for the bus… Your generosity is always humbling. We are so fortunate to have encountered such wonderful people who call themselves fans of Over the Rhine.

* * *

Rhinelanders! You are a neglected body of jilted lovers. We’re sending you all a postcard with a secret website address. You can go to that clandestine place and peruse all the artwork, lyrics and liner notes for the new project, check out Northern Spy #4, and then some. This will bring all your memberships to a close, and we may reinvent some new secret society in the future. An Over the Rhine funny hat club! Whatever we come up with, I can promise you it won’t involve me writing regular newsletters.

* * *

The small print. For those of you who would like to pre-order signed, numbered editions of Films For Radio, they are $15 each, and we pay the shipping anywhere in the U.S.A. (Foreign orders, add $5 per cd for shipping and handling.) Phone 513.731.6837 and talk to Stacie. Foreign orders with credit card and shipping info may be faxed to 513.731.9668. (We’ll also be posting order info at overtherhine.com. You can take advantage of our secured server if you wish.) These special signed copies can only be ordered through the end of February. Stacie will ship them out for March 13th delivery to your door.

* * *

Thanks for your time and interest everyone. It’s been a wonderful, heartbreaking, stimulating, fantastic ride. We hope to see you soon.

Bon courage,

Linford Detweiler, for Over the Rhine

ps: Our hearty congratulations to Jack and Hazel on the birth of their son, Finlay Joe Henderson.