February 7, 2006

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

February 7, 2006

Just a quick hello and the latest from Over the Rhine:

The limited edition Over the Rhine CD (LIVE from Nowhere, Volume One) is mixed and mastered. We feel like this little collection of concert recordings far exceeded our expectations. We’re quite sure you’ll be tickled at what we were able to bottle. Sonically, it sounds as good as anything we’ve ever sent out into this world. And it contains generous swigs of previously unreleased material…

Releasing a limited edition collection of concert highlights at the end of each year is a new tradition we want to establish. We think LIVE from Nowhere, Volume One is going to be a tough collection to beat with future volumes, but we’re up for the challenge, and when you hear the hoopla y’all make from time to time, we think you’ll understand.

We’re still finishing up artwork and notes, and then it’s off to the manufacturer and then Karin and I will sign and number 3000 copies by hand out here at the farm. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Collectors’ items are us. So we’re getting there, and we’ll keep you posted. (When you hear this collection we think you’ll be glad we took the time to get it right.)

Here is the track listing:

1. Faithfully Dangerous
2. Spark
3. Born
4. Lookin’ Forward
5. Drunkard’s Prayer
6. White Horse
7. Etcetera Whatever
8. Fever
9. Son of a Preacher Man
10. Moondance
11. My Love is a Fever
12. Paper Moon
(and a hidden track – from Sunday at St. Elizabeth’s, just a taste…)

We’ll post some MP3’s soon at overtherhine.com and pastemusic.com to give you a little shot glass worth of what’s to come.

There were some technical difficulties with our recording of The Taft this year, but we included a handful of recordings from The Taft concert in 2004 (just prior to the release of Drunkard’s Prayer). The result is a well-rounded document of this chapter in the band’s history. We feel like it all worked out. Whew!

You can still order a copy of Over the Rhine’s LIVE from Nowhere Volume One at overtherhine.com. And we’re extending our CD sale of the rest of the catalog until we get these all mailed out. Check out the lowered prices at overtherhine.com if you need to plunge your arms up to the elbows in Over the Rhine’s music. You get the point.


Finally, it’s February, and it’s great weather to get in the car and find a change of scenery. Put it in drive and take a spiritual journey. Leave behind your care and your worry.

Here’s the crumpled road map:

You can kick back, daydream, scribble in your sketchbook and hear yours truly play the piano, read poems, and reconstruct stories from the past:

Linford Detweiler SOLO:

This Thursday, February 9, Holland, Michigan, Lemonjello’s

This Friday, February 10, Long Grove, Illinois, Life on the Vine

Saturday, February 18, Bellville, Ohio, Highlands of Ohio, Unitarian Universalist Church

(See overtherhine.com for more details and links…)

And Over the Rhine’s very first show of 2006!

Friday, February 17, Lexington, KY, The Dame

Another great opportunity to pick up a new hat at the shop next door: You look to be about a 7 & 1/4…


And if you’re in the neighborhood, or feel like finding a little gorgeous summertime on the other side of the world, don’t forget Over the Rhine is touring New Zealand in March:

Here are the main festival appearances:

Tuesday, March 7, Keri Keri, New Zealand, Bay of Islands Arts Festival

Thursday thru Sunday, March 9-12, Wellington, New Zealand,
New Zealand International Arts Festival (Five Performances)

We come back to the USA just in time to make our way to Austin, Texas, for a few performances at South by Southwest on Friday, March 17. (Neil Young is the keynote speaker this year.) We’re told that there will be a limited number of tickets available to the public at Antone’s on Friday night for our
10pm performance. Join us if you can.


Hope the New Year is a good one so far.

Much more later!


Linford, Karin and the Office Dogs