July 26, 2001

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

July 26, 2001

Hello fellow travelers,

A welcome breeze blew in yesterday evening. The trees waved goodbye to the heat as things cooled down a bit. I love how they turn their leaves inside out in expectation. This morning the world is grey and it looks as if the rain could stay awhile.

I’m in the attic again. Later this morning, Karin and I will drive across Indiana, into Illinois. We’re playing an acoustic concert this evening in Wheaton–a grand piano, a few guitars, a voice. We’ll see what happens.

The year filled up and ran over. We’re standing ankle deep in superfluous life. And rising.

Here is the latest from the Imaginary Apple Orchard.

JULY 2001

The manufacturers have assured us that we will have the new instrumental CD before the end of this month. We’re a little nervous–it’s getting close, but I guess we’ll take their word for it. I recorded the music at home, and if you hear the record, I think you’ll feel as if you were here, sitting at the table, or poking through one of the bookshelves on the South wall upstairs. As soon as we receive the CDs, I will sit down with pen in hand, and Stacie will mail the signed and numbered copies out to those of you who ordered copies in advance. For those that did not pre-order, we will post info later in August about how to obtain copies.

The release date of the book has been pushed back to August 29th. When I started working on the project earlier this year, I had wanted to collect together some of my scraps of writing that had been lying about in half-filled notebooks. When I was in the final stages of sifting and gathering, I happened to see the sky out in Western Illinois, and the book took an exit ramp without warning, pages fluttering throughout the car, spilled coffee, and I began a new piece of writing which seems to want to take over the lion’s share of the space available. Finishing this new piece became the focus of the project, and we are just now entering the production phase. I’ve never done this book-thing before, but I can see that writing is unpredictable and dangerous. Again, those of you who pre-ordered will receive a signed, numbered copy, postage paid, as soon as we receive them. Everybody else can look for more info later in August at overtherhine.com.

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to whet your appetite, I have an excerpt from a memoir published in the current issue of Image magazine. I’ve been a fan of this journal for years, and have managed to collect every issue they’ve ever put out. It was a real honor for me to be included. If you’d like to order the latest issue of Image, and see for yourself what feels like my first real published piece of writing, you can go to www.imagejournal.org, and order online. Many quality bookstores also carry the magazine.

In other news (I think Stacie already mentioned it), Karin will be sitting in with Cowboy Junkies for a few dates on the West Coast later this month, a working holiday:

7/29 Humphrey’s, San Diego
7/30 John Anson Ford Theatre, Hollywood
7/31 House of Blues, Ventura
8/1 Late, Late Show w/Craig Kilborn (CBS)

You can check out cowboyjunkies.com for more info.


Karin and Jack and I will be doing our own version of On The Road in August. We’re going to be playing material from Films For Radio and the earlier records as a trio, as well as trying out some new songs for the first time. There will be about 10 dates on this tour:

8/9 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
8/14 Iota Cafe, Arlington VA
8/16 Maxwells, Hoboken NJ
8/17 Mercury Lounge, NYC
8/18 Tin Angel, Philly PA
8/19 Middle East, Boston MA
8/22 tba, Richmond VA
8/23 Grey Eagle, Asheville NC
8/24 tba, Knoxville TN
8/25 Lynagh’s, Lexington KY
8/26 Southgate House, Cinci OH

These shows will be more conversational, loose, unpredictable. A fair number of the venues are new to us. Check the website for more info as the last few dates are confirmed. Hope you can stop by and say hello.


Karin and I will be opening for Cowboy Junkies and joining them for their set as well. We’ll be posting the dates soon. A good number of them are in the Southeast. The Calvin College date will be rescheduled.


We’re off to Europe. More dates opening for and sitting in with Cowboy Junkies. Films For Radio has been released in many European countries (a first for us). We’ve sold more records in Paris than we have in Cincinnati! This is our first extended tour of Europe. We hope to return often.

Karin and I got to fly Over the Rhine in Koln (Cologne) for the first time last June. The Germans reminded us that the Rhine has long been considered a source of inspiration for artists and poets, so there were definitely additional layers of significance to the name in the Old World.

Et mon Dieu: Paris. There are no words for that first walk along the Seine after dark. No words. If you haven’t been to Paris, put her down on your list of things to see before you die.


We’ll be doing our Christmas tour once again with the band. The date of the big Cincinnati show at the Taft is December 7. More dates will be posted at the site when we get a little closer.

That’s about it for now. I better go pack that tweed suitcase.

Dive into the deep end,