March 1, 2010

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

March 1, 2010

Hello friends,

This morning as I was walking the dogs on the paths – that is before Elroy and Porter took off and chased the neighbor dog over a mile down the road, heading East, we won’t talk about that (Karin saw what happened, put her coat on over her pajamas, started the car and picked me up as I began walking after them, but yes, BEFORE all that):

I had the sensation that Spring was coming.

Not that it felt like Spring mind you. The snow has only half-heartedly begun to melt. The scattered patches of ground make the earth look like a tattered blanket that needs a good washing. The dirt and brown grass is in that in-between stage, somewhere between frozen and muddy. Everything is drab and gray and still very chilly – low to mid thirties.

What made it feel like Spring is this: the birds are singing differently. They are singing a new song.

I suppose this isn’t a new observation, but it sure felt new to me. In the gray clouded-over morning, the songbirds sang like they believed that if they could find the right notes, and if they could let them go into air made joyful with conviction, the light would come.

It was singing that made me believe in the possibility of Spring.


As for us?

While the songbirds work their subtle music into the air of Ohio in the next few weeks, do their darndest to make any distant hint of Spring lean closer for a listen, we are going to leave this familiar piece of land and go looking for the right notes of our own. We are going to let them go with all the conviction we can muster, and believe the light will come.

We are going to go looking for a warmer place.

While the winter Olympians were careening down the mountains of Western Canada, or using ice as a platform to create something wonderful, we were snowed in much of the time here on the farm recording simple versions of many of the new songs that have arrived.

We would very much like to try out some of these new songs on you.
It’s good to get a feel for a new song,
Wrap your arms around it,
Give it a good squeeze to see how it responds.

And did I mention we are looking for a warmer place?

These Ohio winters are trying to get the best of us.
We keep ourselves warm with new music.

We do hope you can join us.
We’ll see what happens.

Lookin’ forward,

Linford (and Karin)

Over the Rhine IN CONCERT March 2010

March 4, Thursday, ORLANDO, FLORIDA, Plaza Theatre
March 5, Friday, PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA, Borland Center
March 6, Saturday, STUART, FLORIDA, Lyric Theater

March 8, Monday, DECATUR, GEORGIA, Eddies Attic (2 SHOWS! Early/Late´┐Ż)
March 9, Tuesday, BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, Workplay Theatre

March 11, Thursday, ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, Grey Eagle Tavern
March 12, Friday, SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA, Don Gibson Theatre
March 13, Saturday, CARRBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, The Artscenter

March 16, Tuesday, BOWLING GREEN, OHIO, Kobacker Hall at Bowling Green State University. (Proceeds to benefit victims of the Haitian earthquake.)

Check out OvertheRhine.com for ticket links, venue links, and
MORE DATES in APRIL, MAY and beyond, including
a special musical train trip we have planned for this November.

Hope to see you.

Much more soon!