March 12, 2001

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

March 12, 2001

Films For Radio Pre-order update

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all of you who took time during February to pre-order a copy of Films For Radio. Almost 2000 of you took time to call or write in advance for your signed and numbered copy. Thanks for your generosity and enthusiasm. Good things have been happening with the record already, and the official release date is tomorrow! Wow, we made it.

Karin and I hunkered down in the dining room, and got our pens out and played records and talked and talked. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun. We listened to Coldplay, Jim Scott, Sigur Ros, U2, Sarah Vaughan, on and on. In case you’re wondering how much time it takes to sign 2000 cd’s, we worked from 5:30pm to 12:30am, got up the next morning and worked till 4pm. We hauled everything over to Stacie, and then took Willow for a meandering run through the woods to celebrate.

A quick note on behalf of Stacie who runs our office, our miracle worker, the Power Puff girl behind the curtain who is coordinating everything. Almost all of the orders have been shipped already (in the order they were received). It’s a bit tricky, because Stacie was under fairly firm directions from Virgin not to have copies circulating in the real world prior to March 13th. We decided to use UPS so that we could track everything, and we were timing everything quite scientifically. But we had a minor snafu with UPS on Friday–we were supposed to receive a big stash of shipping forms for the weekend, and they didn’t arrive. Our Pitney Bowes postage meter was getting low, so we lost a key shipping day for some of the later orders. To make a long story short, everything will ship today or tomorrow, and will arrive very shortly thereafter. Most of you will receive your orders tomorrow as planned. Please bear with us if the precious goods arrive a day or two late. (European orders are a bit hard to pinpoint, but they are in the mail and should be arriving in due course.)

Please don’t call or e-mail Stacie to check on the status of your order. They are all shipping even as we speak. After they’re all shipped, later this week, if you want to call the office to commend Stacie on her excellent work, that’s all fine and good. In short, Stacie, you rock.

Well, now what? We’re going to rehearse this week, and we’ll be seeing all of you before we know it, I would imagine. We’ll keep in touch, and keep you posted on the latest. overtherhine.com is always a good resource for tour dates and general news, or the occasional pithy quote.

Thanks for everything and thanks especially for discovering our music and making it some small part of the story you’re writing with your life,

Linford Detweiler for Over the Rhine