March 17, 1999

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

March 17, 1999

Hello again,

I just realized when I handed my handwritten scribbles to Stacie the other day, I missed a page. So here are a few additional words.

When I got back from all that travelling with Cowboy Junkies early this February, I sat down over the course of a week or so and recorded a collection of solo piano pieces, songs without words that have been goin’ round in my head for quite sometime. It’s already been mastered, and we’ll be making this CD available later this Spring. The quiet revolution continues…

Over the Rhine on the other hand has so much new music. It’s almost overwhelming. (That’s why this concept of releasing a record for a big label every two or three years is a little puzzling.) There are currently four projects that are taking shape (from which we would draw material for a major label release) and we have a recording studio set up again here in the attic of the Grey Ghost which we are growing very fond of. So brace yourselves for more joyful turmoil. One way or another we’re going to be getting some of this music into your hands even if I have to meet you somewhere with a handbag and a lantern. June 30 will find us either moving forward with a major label or beginning the process of releasing our own work. (Your votes and outcries and discerning admonitions and cheerleading routines have started pouring in. WOW. Thanks.)

Our sincere apologies and thanks to the many, many people who have over the last months expressed their disappointment regarding our absence at The Emery and elsewhere this past December. We missed seeing you all so much. We had a rare opportunity to do some recording that we really couldn’t pass up, and again, hopefully you can hear the results someday. (We are definitely planning a December Tour this year.)

Finally, here are the trio dates reiterated. Tell some compatriots. We’re mostly announcing these by E-Mail so they do have a bit of a secret quality. They are the first Over the Rhine shows since early July of last year, without the benefit of various Canadians taunting us from the wings (in an endearing way.)