March 22, 2011

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

March 22, 2011

Hello from Ohio,

Hope you’re enjoying Spring so far.

This past Saturday night, we gathered with a few friends on Nowhere Farm to watch the swollen perigree moon rise. And rise! 

Then we moved to what Karin likes to call her Winter’s Funeral Pyre. Earlier, we had gathered up armloads of fallen branches out of the woods, and then hauled a few loads of split wood, and finally arranged them all carefully in the fire pit around last year’s Christmas tree. After the moon was well up, we struck a match (Ohio Bluetip Strike Anywhere) and watched winter go up in sparks and flame. We told a few tall tales. Laughed in the cool night air. Eventually, we lifted our glasses and said goodbye to the long winter and fully embraced the idea of spring. 

And sure enough Sunday I was out walking after dark. There was a warm breeze blowing. An owl was calling. The peepers were holding their first round of auditions. 

And now the daffodils are in bloom. The red maples are budding. The grass is trying to remember what green feels like. We’re believers.

And with the sap rising all around, we have packed our suitcases full of songs from The Long Surrender, and will soon venture out to find you. See if we can chime in and help something bloom; help the season change.

The band and crew arrived in Cincinnati today. It was time to blow the dust off. I always forget how good it feels, leaning into the songs. Leaning into a good band is like leaning into a good dancing partner. All of a sudden you want to stay up late. You want to see what happens.

We certainly hope to see you. Soon.

Here’s the dirt.

Over the Rhine’s MARCH AND APRIL ~ LONG SURRENDER TOUR DATES (with full six-piece band):

This Friday (!) March 25, Boston, MA, Café 939 at Berklee
This Saturday, March 26, New York, NY, Highline Ballroom,
*Sunday, March 27, Washington DC, The Birchmere
*March 29, Philadelphia, PA, World Café Live
*April 1, Pittsburgh, PA, Mr. Small’s Funhouse
April 2, Akron, OH, Musica
*April 5, Ann Arbor, MI, The Ark
*April 7, Milwaukee, WI, Turner Hall
*April 8, Chicago, IL, Lincoln Hall
*April 9, Madison, WI, Majestic Theater
*April 10, Minneapolis, MN, Cedar Cultural Center

*With very special guest, Lucy Wainwright Roche!

(Some of you have heard that we were planning a short tour of Japan in mid-April. Those plans are currently on hold. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the noble people of Japan during this time of ongoing loss and recovery. We’ll post more info as we’re able.)


April 29 and 30, Cincinnati, OH, Aronoff Center, Over the Rhine performs with the Cincinnati Ballet: 20 songs from The Long Surrender, Drunkard’s Prayer, OHIO, The Trumpet Child and more. (Three different choreographers offering world premiers.)

(And check out OvertheRhine.com for more dates in May. Fear not if your city isn’t yet included. More to come.)


And now this!

As part of our fundraising efforts last year, we performed GOOD DOG BAD DOG from beginning to end in front of a generous audience in Ric Hordinski’s beautiful Monastery Studio. It was a hot and sweaty June night, and we taped every note. We are now making the recording of this special concert available for download here:


Hard to believe that 2011 marks the 15th Anniversary of the release of Good Dog Bad Dog, a record that has continued to surprise us with its life force again and again. We think you’ll dig the show!

(And we hope to mark GDBD’s anniversary at various points throughout the year.)

Lookin’ forward:

OtR TRAIN RIDE, Colorado Mountains, Music, Hot Springs, Anyone?

September 22-30, New Mexico and Colorado: Conversations on a musical train. We’re teaming up with the fine folks at Roots on the Rails once again for another train adventure. Last year we had fellow travelers fly in from Germany, Sweden, the UK, Canada, Alaska and from all over the USA. We’ll be joined by two incredible songwriters: Mary Gauthier and Richard Shindell. Photographer Michael Wilson and naturalist Lynn Neal will also be on board. Join us for a truly unforgettable week. Tickets available at: 


Finally, again, we owe a debt of gratitude to all of you who pitched in last year to help make The Long Surrender. (And, of course, our immense thanks to all who have embraced this new music, and helped to give it a life.)

We thought you might like to read a few excerpts of what critics have had to say about this record that we couldn’t have made without you. It’s always important to take reviews with a grain of salt, but on the other hand, if there are people that listen deeply and have affirming things to say about the work itself, it certainly helps get the word out. Enjoy. If you helped make this record, these are your reviews too.

(And by the way, Please feel free to pass this letter around and share freely: Orphaned believers, skeptical dreamers, you’re welcome. You can stay right here. You don’t have to go.)

Peace like a river, love like an ocean,

Linford (and Karin)


Press Quotes: Over the Rhine | The Long Surrender

“Twenty years after their recording debut, rural Ohio-based singer/songwriters Linford Detweiler and wife Karin Bergquist and their associates have delivered a set of mature, graceful and sad songs that in a just world will win them wider recognition. Working with producer Joe Henry, they use intimate, soulful arrangements to showcase Bergquist’s achingly beautiful voice.” -USA Today

“There may be no more soothing voice in music than Karin Bergquist’s. She could be interpreting jazz standards, but fortunately she applies that balm to her and husband Linford Detweiler’s beautifully languid originals, which invoke hard times and celebrate the survival of the least fit … when a Lucinda Williams duet isn’t even The Long Surrender’s high point, things have gone very right.” 
-Entertainment Weekly

“a marvelously evocative effort, one that recalls the torch song epiphanies of Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald … Sparse, sultry and yet undeniably mesmerizing, The Long Surrender is a clear victory for all concerned.”-Blurt

9.2 (out of 10)
“the most emotionally raw and musically nuanced [album] of the band’s fine career
… Over the Rhine have pieced together a lovely, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting musical mosaic.” -Paste

* * * * (out of four)
“a work as exquisitely beautiful as Van Morrison’s most graceful efforts.” -Los Angeles Times

“vintage Over the Rhine – introspective, hook-filled songwriting, drawing on a diverse musical heritage anchored by Karin Bergquist’s gorgeous emotive vocals. It is a formula that has served the husband-wife team of Bergquist and Linford Detweiler well … The production is one of the band’s more intricate, polished efforts thanks to producer Joe Henry.”-The Cincinnati Enquirer

”Over the Rhine is one of the best husband/wife duos since Richard and Linda Thompson, and The Long Surrender proves it.” -Ink19.com

Imagine a sultry songbird who’s at the same time ballroom-elegant and back-alley mysterious … [Bergquist’s] cracked, unbridled emotion drives such pieces as the sexy “Rave On,” just one perfectly dramatic example of the duo’s uncommon wordplay. Detweiler plays diamond-chip piano notes, and the brilliant accompanists include string genius Greg Leisz and muted beat-keeper Jay Bellerose … Eventually, there’s no denying any of the sweeping magnificence of Over the Rhine.” -Hittin’ the Note


* * * * (out of five)
“The songs of The Long Surrender are country-based, atmospheric treasures full of passion and featuring nothing but the finest musicianship … If you’ve never heard of or listened to Over the Rhine, The Long Surrender is an excellent starting point.” -bullz-eye.com, esdmusic.com 

“aggressively beautiful, like those ’60s protesters who confronted soldiers with flowers … it becomes useless to resist The Long Surrender.” -Newsday

“one of the most literate bands in indie rock. Joe Henry … is the perfect producer for the group’s melancholy chamber cabaret … Heartbreakingly beautiful.”
-Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Hear Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist interviewed by host, Melissa Block, on NPR’s All Things Considered:

If you’d like to hear Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Anthony DeCurtis discuss The Long Surrender with Claudia Marshall on NYC radio station WFUV, check out:


In the meanwhile, we’ll keep celebrating “the survival of the least fit…”