March 28, 2000

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

March 28, 2000

Hello again,

Just a quick note to invite you once again to join Over the Rhine on April 5th in New York City for a full day of music, dizzy heights and who knows what all. For those of you who would like to be part of the studio audience for Over the Rhine’s performance on CBS This Morning (The Early Show), here are the details.

Admission is free and all ages are welcome. ***Please RSVP by e-mailing your name(s) to CBSEarlyshowaudience@yahoo.com to let them know you are planning to be there to see Over the Rhine perform. Direct your note to Steven Kimbrough. (We will be giving away Good Dog Bad Dog posters to all who attend, plus other treats courtesy of Virgin Records and The Imaginary Apple Orchard.) Come to the CBS Building just South of Central Park at the corner of 5th Avenue and 59th Street. (767 5th Avenue.) Ask for Alexandra or Steve. If weather permits, we’ll be performing outdoors in a courtyard. ***Be there at 10:30am.

We don’t watch a whole lot of TV so it’d sure be nice to see some familiar faces nearby. If we’re going to crawl into television sets around the country, we would just as soon you got down on all fours with us. (Wag tail here.) Good dog.

And the concert that makes us grin from time to time: that same evening, (Wednesday, April 5th), Over the Rhine will be performing at a small off-Broadway theater in New York City called The Lambs Theater, at 130 West 44th Street between 6th and Broadway. (“The Lamb Goes Down Easy on Broadway.”) Doors 7:30pm, Show 8:00pm, Tickets $15 at the door. (General Admission, all ages welcome.)

We’re curious to see if the big apple can make room for the Imaginary Apple Orchard. Or is it the other way around? Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, it might be road-trip time.

Until then,

Paul and Virginia