May 14, 2002

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

May 14, 2002

Hello everyone,

Before the laundry, before unpacking, before giving the dog her much needed bath, before I plunge into the salty wave of the mundane that is the stuff of life, I want to first pause and say thank you to all of you who came out to support us on the west coast. Many of you came bearing gifts – flowers, photographs, sweets, and REAL Hawaiian coffee (thank you Michelle!- you also win the prize for traveling the most miles!). Thank you all for your generosity.

When we get out on the road, we say, “It’s good to be out on the road again.” And when we get home, we collapse into a heap and say, “It’s good to be home again.” Some things never change.

It is important to be grateful in all things.

So, this leaves me wishing I could show you some memories that play over In my mind. The beaches on Highway One – hairpin turns, ice plant, and the one, not-so-obvious coyote that allowed itself to be seen standing above us on a rock-strewn precipice. He was a good omen. I guess we need one of those fancy digital cameras. Some day….

We stopped a few times for this ocean view and that huge, huge Redwood (one of many) that Jack just felt compelled to hug. Really. He bought a Basic Guide to Trees along with a “special tool” which called for various stops to gather “samples” and “specimens.”

Oh, and a heart-shaped stone – a souvenir for Hazel.

Along the way, we discovered that there were many towns in California we have yet to play. Eureka, San Jose (where I was born), Santa Barbara, Sonoma… I hope we can get to some of these towns some day. It is a mighty big state, after all.

It seems we will always need to plan some extra time for San Francisco. We have so many excuses to stay – all of them friends and family. This trip, I was able to spend some precious one-on-one time with my sister Rose, and also my dear friend Carol-Margaret – by whom I am blessed with so much inspiration. Linford took the BART to spend the afternoon with his sister Frances, her husband Chris and the new-ish nephew, Luke. We celebrated with dinner that night at the Grand Cafe, Hotel Monaco, courtesy of our brother-in-law, Pat. Hats off to Pat. And yet there were many family members we didn’t get to see due to time constraints. But that’s the nature of touring. And it’s our job.

It takes any number of small miracles to put together/pull off a tour of any length. Special thanks to Ali Giampino (Billions) who is the queen of booking agents and to our manager Blair Woods for flying across the gol-darn country to drive our rental from LA to Seattle to meet us – the rental company wouldn’t do one-way. Much thanks to both of them.

We have done most of the spring shows without a crew. Thanks to the local dudes at each of the venues and volunteers who helped us in any way. And thanks to those of you who volunteered to look after our merch.

I am looking forward to this late Spring at home. I need to dig in the dirt and pull some weeds, shore up my rose vines and tend to the jungle that is our back yard. And my favorite part of what we do, writing and recording, will be the focus for much of the coming season. We’ll see you all again soon.

Until then,

Karin, for Over the Rhine