May 27, 2006

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

May 27, 2006

Hello again,

We wake up on Nowhere Farm on a Saturday morning and let the dogs out. Mist lying in the fields, bobwhite whistling from hidden places, doves bending a few notes from slender throats… Hummingbirds darting up to the back porch and hovering on a single vibrating note, like tiny musical instruments with invisible strings. No cars going by, no people, just the songs of birds and the fields and the open air and the new light of morning. Heck of a show for an audience of two.

Are you going to make the coffee or am I?

Yesterday morning, first thing, Elroy spied a black dog snooping around the garden while we were walking on the paths and he and Jake tore off around the bend after it. I expected this to be a short-lived bit of excitement, but by the time I rounded the corner, I saw Elroy in perfect Greyhound race track form, and I watched stunned as he disappeared over the horizon at full speed in pursuit of the black dog, the black dog running for broke while somehow simultaneously embodying the dog essence of, Oh Shit.

Jake, the new Weimaraner, who has been making lovely farm dog progress all around, processes this new development in his devious Weimaraner brain and decides to go into Catch-me-if-you-can mode when I whistle for him. I have to turn it into a game and finally coax Jake back into the fenced yard and latch the gate. As I set out through the thigh-high wheat field, across the creek and toward the distant tree line where I last saw Elroy, I hear Jake behind me wailing and griping and yelping like someone is beating the puppy, utterly offended that his morning walk has been cut short, cursing me and the day he was born. I have to ignore him and continue through the wet fields in pursuit of the ghost of a Great Dane. Eventually, I crest a hill and see Elroy down on the edge of a woods facing east, looking contemplative. I holler his name. He seems to snap out of a trance, and turns loping toward me soaking wet, happy tongue lolling out. I can’t scold him for coming to me. And he leans on me as if to say, I’m just doing my job. The Weimaraner puppy is more than enough. We don’t need no more dogs around here.

I understand.

We begin the slow trek back to the farm. As we come into view of the old house I see Karin on the back porch in her nightgown looking amused, waiting for the first story of the day.

It’s not all peace and quiet.


So we have this weekend at home on the farm, a holiday weekend low key and alone, just what we need right now.

Tuesday, our world will shift the other way as we head for Chicago to start the second leg of our Spring tour. Now that we have this off-the-beaten-track piece of earth that we can disappear to, I find myself looking forward to these musical gatherings in the city more than ever. We had a fine run down the West Coast with Hem. We had a great evening in our hometown at the Ava’s Hope Benefit. We’ll see if we can top it as we work our way South and then back up through the Northeast. We’ll be dipping liberally into the songs of Drunkard’s Prayer, Ohio, Films For Radio and Good Dog Bad Dog. We’ll also continue introducing new songs that have recently arrived. Makes for a good night all around.

Here’s the skinny (and check out overtherhine.com for more details).

Paste Magazine Presents:

Over the Rhine and Hem
Sweet Intoxication Spring Tour 2006

Tue May 30: Chicago, IL, Double Door
Hem opens; Over the Rhine closes

Thu Jun 01: Bloomington IN, Buskirk-Chumley Theatre ALL AGES
Hem opens; Over the Rhine closes

Fri Jun 02: Nashville TN, Exit/In ALL AGES
Hem opens; Over the Rhine closes

Sat Jun 03: Atlanta GA, Variety Playhouse ALL AGES
Hem opens; Over the Rhine closes

Mon Jun 05: Charlotte NC, Visulite Theatre ALL AGES
Over the Rhine opens; Hem closes

Tue Jun 06: Asheville NC, Grey Eagle ALL AGES
Hem opens; Over the Rhine closes

Wed Jun 07: Chapel Hill NC, Local 506 ALL AGES
Over the Rhine opens; Hem closes

Thu Jun 08: Alexandria VA, Birchmere ALL AGES
Hem opens; Over the Rhine closes

Sat Jun 10: Lancaster PA, Chameleon Club
(No Hem on this show)

Mon Jun 12: Boston MA, Paradise
Over the Rhine opens; Hem closes

Tue Jun 13: Philadelphia PA, Theatre of Living Arts ALL AGES
Hem opens; Over the Rhine closes

Wed Jun 14: New York NY, The Concert Hall ALL AGES
Over the Rhine opens; Hem closes

Thu Jun 15: Northampton MA, Iron Horse Music Hall ALL AGES
Over the Rhine opens; Hem closes

See overtherhine.com for more…

Special thanks to the good folks at Paste Magazine for their help in getting the word out regarding these dates. We’re honored to have Paste as a presenter of the tour. If you haven’t had the pleasure of subscribing to Paste Magazine as of yet, it’s easily some of the best writing about music (and film and books and…) that you’ll find in America today.

Check out this link for a special offer for fans of Over the Rhine and/or Hem…


And for those of you able to attend one (or more) of the concerts, don’t forget to check out our new shirts, the limited edition tour poster, and the few remaining copies of Live From Nowhere Volume One, as well as the plethora of additional Over the Rhine treats at our little traveling boutique. We have a lot of fun designing our wares, often with the help of long time friends.

Enjoy this holiday weekend, and do join us if you can. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Lookin’ forward,

Linford for Over the Rhine

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