November 24, 2009

P.O. Box 12078
Cincinnati, OH 45212

November 24, 2009

Hello extended musical family,

Happy Thanksgiving! Might want to sit down, pour a glass of something good, and get cozy.

Over the Rhine arrived safely home from the West Coast. A wonderfully warm, SOLD OUT crowd awaited us in Denver at the Soiled Dove. Thanks for making us feel so welcome and for your generosity. We’re already lookin’ forward to next time. (And special thanks to our many friends and workshop alumni from Santa Fe who attended!)

We love The State Room in SLC and hope to return more often – thanks to all of you who found us – our biggest crowd ever in beautiful Salt Lake. And we’re still smiling about all the friendly, helpful girls in Temple Square.

Largo in Los Angeles is a great little room – there’s talk of us doing a Friday and Saturday next time. San Francisco – you all were incredible. (Karin’s Swedish cousins were well represented at this one.) And the tour wound down with a SOLD OUT show in Portland (they made 50 extra tix available Friday night and squeezed ’em in) and two SOLD OUT shows in Seattle at the beautiful Triple Door.

I think (maybe for the first time ever?) the last night of the tour might have been our best. Jake and Mickey and Kenny continue to surprise us with their ability to dig deep musically. (And special thanks to our crew: Colm, Nick, JP and Greer for covering all those miles with us.)

Yes, we are thankful. We are blessed that you, the people who have found this music, have given these songs such a good life for so long. It’s been satisfying to watch it all grow, slow and steady, little by little, year after year like a well-planted tree.

And so we say it again, Thank You.

It’s a gray, misty day here on the farm. We planted six pine trees when we got back: two Norway Spruces, three white pines and a Canadian Hemlock. It gets sort of monochromatic out here after all the leaves come down, so it’s nice to see more splashes of evergreen in November.

But it’s not all roses and champagne. Our house was built in the 1830’s, which means it’s an ongoing, lifelong project (like most of the things we choose). There’s a problem with one of our box gutters, and while we were gone one of our brick walls began absorbing too much water – we think (?). So I had to open the trap door behind the couch and slide down into the crawl space and explore the underbelly of the pre-Civil war house. It’s a good thing I’m long and lean, because I can barely fit under there. I soon start feeling like Charles Bronson’s character in The Great Escape as I stare at the floor joists unable to roll over. Of course, there’s always the possibility of waking up a sluggish 5′ black snake, but that thankfully did not happen, and I met no aggressive spiders or other surprises. But a couple of rooms in our lovely old house now smell like rotting cabbage and that remains something of a mystery. We have a carpenter coming out in the morning to help snoop around.

We’ll see some family and a few friends this week, and then before we know it, Sunday will be here and Over the Rhine will be on the road once again. We will leave our unfinished business behind. We’ll all meet up in Philadelphia for a nightcap and then start the December leg of the tour, which promises to be a good ride.

After we played in Denver, we rec’d a beautiful letter from a listener who said,
“I felt my soul being pieced back together while you played.”

May that be a blessing for all of us: As the year winds down, may we feel our souls being pieced back together.

Another listener at Seattle’s Sunday night show wrote and said, “I’ve listened to Drunkard’s Prayer until it was worn to a polish like a string of rosary beads – each song a prayer for the Desperate and Hopeful.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let’s find each other, and gather all of us in a room, the desperate, the hopeful, anyone who longs to piece their soul back together: All are welcome here.

We’ll be lookin’ for you.

Peace like a river,

Linford and Karin of Over the Rhine



(Pls note: for many of these concerts, tickets are available directly through OvertheRhine.com with very low service fees. And just an aside, there are $15 balcony seats available for our Taft Theatre Homecoming Concert.)

November 30, Monday, Philadelphia, PA, WORLD CAF´┐Ż (Special guest, Lucy Wainwright Roche)
December 1, Tuesday, New York City, NY, HIGHLINE BALLROOM (Special guest, Lucy Wainwright Roche)

December 2, Wednesday, Tarrytown, NY, TARRYTOWN MUSIC HALL (Co-Headline with Vienna Teng)
December 4, Friday, Boston, MA, BERKLEE PERFORMANCE CENTER (Co-Headline with Vienna Teng)
December 5, Saturday, Old Saybrook, CT, KATHARINE HEPBURN CULTURAL ARTS CENTER (Co-Headline with Vienna Teng)
December 6, Sunday, Albany, NY, THE EGG (Co-Headline with Vienna Teng)
December 8, Tuesday, Washington, DC, THE SYNAGOGUE (Co-Headline with Vienna Teng)

December 10, Thursday, Kent, OH, KENT STAGE (Special guest, Lucy Wainwright Roche)
December 11, Friday, Ann Arbor, MI, THE ARK (Special guest, Lucy Wainwright Roche)
December 12, Saturday, Chicago, IL, OLD TOWN SCHOOL OF FOLK MUSIC (TWO SHOWS, 7pm and 10pm!) (Special guest, Lucy Wainwright Roche)

December 19, Saturday, Cincinnati, OH, THE TAFT THEATRE, Over the Rhine’s annual holiday homecoming concert. Tickets on sale now at OvertheRhine.com, Taft Theatre Box Office, Ticketmaster etc! Since it’s still our 20th Anniversary, we’re going to settle in for the evening and play two extended sets of music. Hope you can join us!

December 20, Sunday Soiree, Cincinnati, OH, ST. ELIZABETH’S IN NORWOOD:

Karin and Linford would like to invite you to join Over the Rhine on Sunday, December 20th at 3pm at St. Elizabeth’s, 1757 Mills Ave., Norwood, Ohio, 45212, for a holiday gathering featuring an acoustic performance, some spoken word, some conversation and of course some festive food and drink. (This gathering takes place the day after our Taft Theatre holiday homecoming concert, as we bask in the afterglow so to speak.)

We have had so much fun with this the last four years in a row. It’s a great way to end our working year, surrounded by our extended musical family, sharing a little timeless holiday cheer. And if you’d like to have an OtR gift signed for someone, we’ll be at your service. See OvertheRhine.com for more details.

(Price of admission entitles you to bring a guest OR your spouse and children.)

Check out OvertheRhine.com for more info.


And a reminder that we have the following readily available as you remind people later this year that you care about them with a little something special/unexpected. All these potential gifts are $20 or less and can be shipped directly to your loved one:

We have two full-length Christmas/New Years/Wintertime CD’s:

The Darkest Night of the Year (recently re-packaged in a beautiful digipak): $14.99
(Includes traditional carols and original songs all sepia-filtered through the vintage Over the Rhine lens.)

Snow Angels: $14.99
(Includes new favorites All I Ever Get For Christmas is Blue, White Horse, New Redemption Song, We’re Gonna Pull Through, and many more…)

The Trumpet Child Songbook: 126 pages of music and love, our first ever. $19.95
(Includes many previously unpublished photographs and an extended essay by Linford Detweiler, in which he unwraps early childhood memories and finds the inevitable crumb trail leading directly to this most recent collection of songs.)

The Trumpet Child: $14.99
(The heart of our current repertoire, this collection continues to sell steadily. Contains new OtR classics I Don’t Wanna Waste Your Time, Trouble, I’m On A Roll, The Trumpet Child and many more. Share it with someone not yet familiar with OtR.)

Live From Nowhere Volume Four: $19.99
(Over the Rhine comes alive! This double disc set documents the very special reunion concert with Ric Hordinski and Brian Kelley (and many friends) last December at The Taft, as we unpacked the first decade of our recordings. A great introduction to Over the Rhine’s formative years, and the excitement that surrounded those early days.)

OHIO: Still only $14.99
(This double album was recently named one of the 50 best/most influential of the last decade by Paste Magazine. These original songs are a celebration of the music that Karin and Linford grew up with in small Ohio coal-mining towns: Rock-n-roll, Gospel, Country and Western, Bluegrass etc.)

Drunkard’s Prayer: $14.99
(Possibly Over the Rhine’s most intimate record – recorded in the living room of the Grey Ghost with upright basss, piano, acoustic guitar, cello etc. An enduring collection of songs that explore the hard-won victories and survival of a long-term relationship/lifelong fling.)

Good Dog Bad Dog: $14.99
(Recently repackaged in a beautiful digipak, this is our little record that could. Contains OtR classics Latter Days, All I Need Is Everything, Etcetera Whatever, Jack’s Valentine and much more.)

OtR on VINYL: $9.99
(Both Snow Angels and The Trumpet Child are available on vinyl for the young and hip, for the audiophile in your life, for the old-school collector that needs a portable record player spinning on the porch on a summer night, a string of bare lightbulbs glowing nearby, moths drunk with illumination.)

Linford Detweiler’s Solo Piano recordings: $14.99
(These recordings continue to find their way to amazing places. Most recently, inner-city students in Chicago eat their lunches quietly while this music plays. And a mother plays the tunes often for her unborn baby who then falls asleep to it every evening after making its arrival on earth. If you need someone dreaming outloud at a piano near you, some unobtrusive companionship, a backdrop for the poems you’re writing or the paintings in progress that are wrestling you to the ground, consider these primitive collections of songs without words.)

20th Anniversary OtR Blend Coffee: $12.50
(Chuck roasted us a new blend for our 20th. We’ve been drinking it here on the farm. Wow. He will roast it fresh and ship it to you or directly to a friend. Dark, full-bodied, soft cinammon notes and an unexpected twist at the finish.)

Live From Nowhere Volume Three: $14.99, OR FREE with any $30 purchase while they last.
(Contains Live Recordings of Don’t Wait For Tom, I’m On A Roll, Nothing Is Innocent and much more…)

And there is a smattering of frame-able posters, and OtR clothing to sort through. Think of it as a church basement rummage sale. We do appreciate your support.

Please see OvertheRhine.com for all the goods.

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Over the Rhine