November 25, 2011

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

November 25, 2011

Greetings extended musical family,

It’s a crisp sunny morning in Ohio. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Karin spread the table here at home yesterday for just the two of us:

Nowhere Farm Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Chicken stuffed with garlic, onions and rosemary 
(basted and infused w/Sauvignon blanc and citrus stock)
Homemade gravy
Mashed potatoes
Chestnut fig dressing
Fordhook Lima beans
Garlic naan
Cranberry apple butter

One of the supreme bonuses of my life: I knew the young Karin could sing. I didn’t know she could cook. 

(Today we head to Indiana for our family gathering so there’s more to come.)

I took a walk last night after dark beneath the stars and was reminded of what I wrote as a younger man:

“And the sky. The sky is an upside down cobalt blue breakfast bowl of stars newly spilled and milky and we feel our eyes sting in the chill air. And we begin walking in the same direction and I realize there are so many things I’d love to tell you because now there is no longer need for words.”

The younger version of me: I was often overwhelmed with how to respond to the unwieldy gift of being alive in this beautiful, heartbreaking world. I didn’t know where to begin.

But eventually I came to believe that music was as good a response as I was ever going to come up with. What better way to try to say thank you? Was there ever going to be a more nourishing ritual than gathering a group of people together in a room somewhere where we could make music over the course of an evening and have a conversation of some kind? Lean into the imaginary harness, and bend the world ever so slightly toward the hopefulness we longed for?

I know of no better time of year for music. The dark evenings are growing ever longer. The night air helps us make ghosts with our breath. We’re going to find some warmly lit stages and offer our songs to the close and holy darkness.

It’s not the same without you.

Peace like a river, love like an ocean,

Linford and Karin


December 2011 Over the Rhine Christmas Tour 

(We’ll be pulling songs from our two Christmas/Winter CDs: Snow Angels, The Darkest Night of the Year, and playing a few of your requests along the way from our entire catalog.)

With very special guests, The Milk Carton Kids (You will love!)

(After 20 years of touring, suffice it to say the following are among our favorite venues ever):

DEC 2 – Berklee Performance Center, (at Berklee School of Music), BOSTON, MASS 
DEC 3 – Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
DEC 4 – The Birchmere, DC
DEC 5 – World Café Live, PHILLY, PA

DEC 7 – The Lincoln Theater, COLUMBUS, OH
DEC 8 – Kent Stage, KENT, OH
DEC 9 – Calvin College, GRAND RAPIDS, MI
DEC 10 – Old Town School of Folk, CHICAGO (Two shows! Early and late.)

And finally we bring it all back home to end our working year in Ohio:

DEC 17 – The Taft Theatre, CINCINNATI, OH (Our homecoming show at the newly renovated Taft! Can’t wait to see it. With very special guest, our friend, Lucy Wainwright Roche!)

DEC 18 – 3pm, St. Elizabeth’s, Sunday Soiree, CINCINNATI, OH, (We lift a glass with friends in a ragged old cathedral and share some festive food and drink. Also, get this: Q&A with K&L. Join us.)

‘As for your tender heart, this world’s gonna rip it wide open. It ain’t gonna be pretty. But you’re not alone. All my favorite people are broken.’


Also, please consider sharing the music of Over the Rhine during this season as you contemplate gifts for friends and family. We have specially priced bundles of both Snow Angels and The Darkest Night of the Year (5 CDs for $50, or 10 CDs for $75).

And starting next week we are going to add this:

Five CDs that changed our world: OtR Studio CD package $50
Good Dog Bad Dog
OHIO (2 CD set)
Drunkard’s Prayer
The Trumpet Child
The Long Surrender

(Also, you will receive The Trumpet Child songbook with any order over $35.)

Thanks as always for your support. As Karin likes to say, Without you, we’d be homeless.