November 28, 2000

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

November 28, 2000

Give Me Strength

Hello to all of you who have been asking where you can find a recording of Karin’s performance of the song “Give Me Strength” as featured on NBC’s Third Watch. (We’ve been deluged with inquiries.) We have good news and bad news. The bad news is the song has not yet been released. (Patience.) The good news is that “Give Me Strength” will appear on Over the Rhine’s new feature-length album, Films For Radio, due to be released nationwide on Virgin/Backporch, February 27, 2001. Stay tuned. And more good news: Karin’s voice is yours to spin and unravel on any of the seven Over the Rhine albums already in existence. It is a voice that has been described as “mildly smokey with sweet, warm undertones–and just a hint of the sea. Robust and succulent. Fulfilling and unforgettable. Made in tiny quantities, it is esteemed and savoured around the world by a fortunate few.” (Who writes this stuff?) More succinctly, someone once said that the music of Over the Rhine makes sad people happy, and vice versa. Glad you found us. Hope to meet you one day soon.

The World Can Wait, 2000 Dates

You’ll find six musicians breathing together with eyes mostly closed, hoping for something that is hard to put into words. You’ll meet our vicar, Dave Nixon, a gifted writer who is traveling with us and looking after the Imaginary Apple Orchard Boutique on this tour. There’ll be scarred, battered suitcases full of scrappy notes and sketch books and thick socks piled in corners of rooms next to tiny candlelit stages… A huge tour bus parked illegally in the alley out back… Girls with scarves and mittens and red cheeks tilting back mugs full of coffee. Boys with poetry and beer hullaballooing their broken hallelujahs into the late night, making ghosts with their breath, embarrassing themselves and grinning. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Hope to see your faces once again. The world can wait.

The Homecoming Show

(An extended evening of music. And maybe a few rabbit trails.) Every December we try to put together a special show in our hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. This year promises to be one of our favorite evenings of music in a long, long time. Critically-acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith is joining us at the Taft Theater on Saturday, December 9th. If you haven’t heard Ron’s three records, the eponymous debut, followed by “Other Songs”, and then “Whereabouts”, you missed three of the most beautiful recordings of the last decade. Simply put, Ron is one of the most gifted songwriters making music today.

And as if getting one of our favorite songwriters of all time on the bill wasn’t enough of a coup, Texas pop phenomenon Sixpence None the Richer is rounding out the proceedings this year with their melodic, irresistible armload of songs and melancholy musings. We watched in amazement as Sixpence did the impossible over the course of the last few years, namely, conquering pop radio, VH-1 and late night television, (not to mention airwaves all over the UK, Europe and Japan) on an independent label and on their own terms. Spread the word, gather some friends together, pile in the car and join us just a stone’s throw from the Ohio river for a warm evening of musical communion and a few surprises. We’ll be looking for you.