October 28, 2003

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Cincinnati, OH 45212

October 28, 2003

People talkin’, keep on walkin’… Lucinda Williams

Hello again,

This is humbling and hard to write but necessary.

We’ve been having the most amazing tour musically this year and we extend our deepest gratitude to all of you who joined us at the concerts in the past five weeks or more. The people we are touring with inspired us deeply, worked hard and played their hearts out every night. Our thanks to Will, Paul, Rick, Spinner and Hunter: we hope to reunite with you all soon.

We have postponed the rest of the dates for this year’s Over the Rhine tour indefinitely for personal and family reasons. There are two trees in our lives (we do choose our record covers carefully): one is our music and one is our marriage. Sometimes we water one or the other, hopefully both.

We’ve poured our hearts and our souls into our music this year, and we’ve seen that tree bear a lot of fruit and flourish. But we’ve increasingly realized that there has been very little room left over for anything else including our relationship and marriage. As difficult a decision as it is, we’ve decided we must go home to do some much needed caretaking and work to preserve this part of our lives.

We aplogize for the timing and to those of you who made plans to see us in the coming weeks. We’re human beings and we’re all broken and sometimes our lives get way out of balance. Knowing this is an amazing place to start. Please keep us in your prayers and again, we hope to see you soon when the time is right.

We really love what we do, but we’re not willing to sacrifice our relationship and marriage on the altar of a career. We think you’ll agree when we see you again that our music is more alive than ever.


Linford and Karin