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Sun Feb 26 12:57:31 EST 2006

Hello from Nowhere,

It's a beautiful winter morning in Southern Ohio, bright, crisp and cold. 
Elroy and I walked on the paths, and he's had his breakfast. We saw no rabbits. 
Karin is about to put the coffee on. The house is waking up slowly. 

The winter Olympics hockey final is LIVE on TV. Finland vs Sweden - all 
Scandinavia glued to their televisions for the gold medal game, with powerhouses 
Russia, USA and Canada eliminated. Karin and I have had the winter games on in 
the background for the last few weeks. Bobsledding, ski jumping and aerials, 
ice dancing, figure skating, curling, speed skating… We of course enjoy 
providing our own commentary. 

Ice dancing: For this next combination, turn if you will to page 42 of the 
Kama Sutra. 

Luge: Man, it's just your ass and a coupla blades.

Speed skating: This is the Mennonite girl from Canada. She's won 5 medals. My 
sister Grace told me about her…

I went to high school in Canada. The Canadians taught me to skate on those 
beautifully lit hockey rinks out on the after dark prairies. (I took the 
occasional slap shot to the knee.) They taught me to ski in Banff. In Phys Ed, we 
walked down town, picked up those odd brooms and learned all about curling. I can 
appreciate the winter Olympics.


We're packing our bags today and leaving for New Zealand in the morning. 
We're terribly excited about this trip. I haven't been outside of the country 
since my trip to visit Jack and Hazel and Finlay in Scotland during Christmas of 

New Zealand is a special place for me, not only because it's truly one of the 
most beautiful places on earth, but because it was there that I decided to 
start a band. Friends of ours, Sandie and Owen, were playing a festival outside 
of Wellington and somehow invited me along to play bass. Standing in those 
mountains in front of 400 kids in the rain who refused to leave reminded me that 
music was home for me. I wanted to write some songs and see if people would 
ever care enough about them to stand in the rain and listen. A few months later, 
back in Ohio, Over the Rhine began recording a handful of first demos. Now, 
finally, this music is going to take us back to Wellington to the New Zealand 
International Arts Festival for five performances. We're playing a festival in 
Keri Keri, and stopping in Auckland for various appearances. Sometimes you 
just have to raise a glass on a Sunday Morning and celebrate the small victories.

I think we're going to make Mimosas. 


Uh oh, I hear Karin whooping it up in the living room. Sweden must have 

Well, just the news and then I need to go open the suitcase and start filling 
it with summer clothing. (Yes!)

The Limited Edition LIVE CD's didn't make it to the farm in time for us to 
sign them, so that will all have to happen when we return from New Zealand. 
Sorry for the delay. They will all be shipped out at the end of March. 

If you'd still like to order a copy of “Live From Nowhere, Volume One” go to 
Overtherhine.com. You can see the track listing, the artwork and also check 
out a few MP-3's for a little striptease. We think you're going to like this 
special collection that reminds us of a wonderful year on the road with a great 
band and crew and the world's best music fans to boot.

In May we'll be touring the West Coast and parts of the Midwest. A band 
called HEM is planning on joining us. Stay tuned at overtherhine.com for more info 
on that. The working title for the tour is “Gorgeously Stoned On You” but 
whether or not that sticks is anyone's guess. 

I think I heard my first Kildeer last night, so Spring can't be too far away. 
That means we'll be seeing you soon.

You are missed,

Linford Detweiler

P.S. Karin Bergquist says: A cup of coffee in the morning and the Swedish 
Hockey Team, not bad. That little thing about winning the gold medal doesn't hurt 

Life is good.
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