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Over the Rhine's Ohio Homecoming

Greetings all,

Hello from sunny St. Louis. After a memorable, truly spectacular run down the 
West Coast from Seattle to San Diego, past redwoods and whales, we headed 
east through the desert, watched an eery, violet sunset, greeted a massive moon 
rising, waved at Pike's Peak, woke to the morning snowfall across the top of 
the rockies outside of Denver, felt the restless wind of the wide open Kansas 
grasslands on our faces, crossed the rivers, covered the miles, lived to tell. 
Yesterday we drove through a Missouri downpour, and here we are today: feet 
back on the solid ground of the Midwest. 

Tonight we play the storied Duck Room at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis, owned 
by none other than the man Chuck Berry himself. 

This Friday, it's the beautiful Buskirk-Chumley Theater in Bloomington, 
Indiana, a town that has been good to our music. (We recorded much of Ohio there, 
mixed Drunkard's Prayer and Snow Angels there, mastered Good Dog Bad Dog there 
back in the day…) Not to mention the fact that Karin and I will be celebrating 
our 11th wedding anniversary that evening, on the road, together. 

Saturday, October 6, 2007, we cross the border arriving home in Ohio after 4 
long weeks of spreading the music of The Trumpet Child around America. We'll 
be performing for the first time this Saturday at the beautiful Wexner Center 
in Columbus - a dream come true for us. William Wegman is currently showing his 
whimsical photographs of Weimaraners at the Wexner, so you can be sure we'll 
be checking out his show earlier in the day and invite you to do the same. 
Hope you can join us for this very special evening of dogs and music!

This current month-long leg of The Trumpet Child tour ends in Morgantown, WV, 
on Sunday, October 7, with a performance for syndicated radio show Mountain 
Stage. Do join us if you can. We'll be meeting up with our old friend Amy Rigby 
there who is also performing and has been living in France. We expect a full 

Check out OvertheRhine.com for more details on the above.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement along the way. It means the 

More soon I'm sure,

Linford for Over the Rhine

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