Live From Nowhere Volume 2

  •   1. I Want You To Be My Love
  •   2. Fever
  •   3. Failed Christian (Ash Wednesday Mix)
  •   4. Long Lost Brother
  •   5. Everybody Wants To Feel Like You
  •   6. Jesus In New Orleans
  •   7. Anything At All
  •   8. North Pole Man
  •   9. Little Did I Know
  •   10. Orphan Girl
  •   11. Baby It's Cold Outside
  •   12. Hush Now (Tipsy Gypsy Mix)
  •   13. OtR (Off the Rails)
1. I Want You To Be My Love

I want you to be my love
I want you to be my love
'Neath the moon and the stars above
I want you to be my love

I want you to know me now
I want you to know me now
Break a promise make a vow
I know you want me now

Like I want you

I want you to be my love
I want you to be my love
'Neath the moon and the stars above
I want you to be my love

'Cause I want you
I know all you--
All you've been through

2. Fever
3. Failed Christian (Ash Wednesday Mix)
4. Long Lost Brother

I thought that we’d be
Further along by now
I can’t remember how
We stumbled to this place

I loved you like a long lost brother
On a bad day maybe I thought why bother
I’ve seldom seen so much anger
In a face

I wanna do better
I wanna try harder
I wanna believe
Down to the letter

Jesus and Mary
Can you carry us
Across this ocean
Into the arms of forgiveness

I don’t mean to laugh outloud
I’m trying to come clean
Trying to shed my doubt
Maybe I should just keep
My big mouth shut

More often than not
When it comes to you
You want whatever’s not in front of you
Deep down I know this includes me too

So tell me your troubles
Let your pain rain down
I know my job I’ve been around
I invest in the mess
I’m a low cost dumping ground

Trouble is I’m so exhausted
The plot, you see, I think I’ve lost it
I need the grace to find what can’t be found

5. Everybody Wants To Feel Like You
6. Jesus In New Orleans

The last time I saw Jesus
I was drinking bloody mary’s in the South
In a barroom in New Orleans
Rinsin’ out the bad taste in my mouth

She wore a dark and faded blazer
With a little of the lining hanging out
When the jukebox played Miss Dorothy Moore
I knew that it was him without a doubt

I said the road is my redeemer
I never know just what on earth I’ll find
In the faces of a stranger
In the dark and weary corners of a mind

She said, The last highway is only
As far away as you are from yourself
And no matter just how bad it gets
It does no good to blame somebody else

Ain’t it crazy
What’s revealed when you’re not looking all that close
Ain’t it crazy
How we put to death the ones we need the most

I know I’m not a martyr
I’ve never died for anyone but me
The last frontier is only
The stranger in the mirror that I see

But when I least expect it
Here and there I see my savior’s face
He’s still my favorite loser
Falling for the entire human race

7. Anything At All

I follow you from town to town
I need it
I’m better off when you’re around
I mean it

Sooner or later
Things will all come around again
Sooner or later
I won’t need anything
Anything at all

I walk these streets alone at night
When it hurts me
A perfect life’s an oversight
You curse me

Should’ve known better
Than this esoteric love
Down to the letter
It don’t mean anything
Anything at all

You and I

I wrestle with these guilty thoughts
And I’m losing
You’re all I am I’m what you’re not

Sooner or later
Things will all come around for good
Sooner or later
I won’t need anything
Anything at all

8. North Pole Man

North Pole man
Come in from the cold
North Pole man
It’s gettin’ old
Cold hands cold feet
Darn snow darn sleet
It takes good friction
To make good heat

North Pole man
Come out of the storm
North Pole man
Gotta get you warm
Hot rum steam heat
My lips taste sweet
I got warm cookin’
Spread the table take a seat

Northpole man
Can you afford to
You outta come here
Come south of the border
Come down real slow
It’s warm down below
It takes perspiration
To melt the snow

9. Little Did I Know

Little did I know
That I almost let you go
Until I caught a glimpse of life
without you

Little did I know
How deep these roots had grown
Until I felt the earth quake here
without you

And this ache is gonna break me love
Until you come back home
Right or wrong
There is no home without you

And these eyes are never gonna dry
I never knew how I could cry
Until I thought I'd really lost you

Little did I know that I almost let you go
Until I caught a glimpse of life
without you

10. Orphan Girl
11. Baby It's Cold Outside
12. Hush Now (Tipsy Gypsy Mix)

Hush now my sweet little noisy boy
There is trouble enough in the world
Pick up your feet little lazy boy
Come dance with your little girl

Spin me 'round this kitchen floor
Like a carnaval
I know we're only two-bit clowns
In a one-ring circus

But make me a little bit dizzy boy
Swing me on your trapeze
When I'm in the arms of my dreamy boy
It still makes me weak in the knees

Right here on this record player
Is our scratchy song
We're alone
Slide trombones like an orchestra
Full of fortune tellers

Come now my sweet little breathing boy
I'm listening hard to your heart
It's as strong as a lion's boy
Let's leave here and make a new start

I remember once you said
Lying in this bed
The past is dead
Everyday is a one-act play
Without an ending

13. OtR (Off the Rails)

In early 2006, Over the Rhine completed an unforgettable tour of New Zealand including four sold out shows in Wellington, at the International Arts Festival. We rubbed shoulders with flamenco dancers from Spain, trapeze artists from France and musicians from just about everywhere. Sauvignon Blanc may never, ever, taste so good again.

We returned to the USA in time for a couple of whirlwind appearances at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Not too long thereafter, the band embarked on four weeks of dates sharing the bill with Hem — slow-burn, kindred spirits from Brooklyn. Along the way we managed to perform in various radio and television studios (sometimes in front of an audience, sometimes not) including a 60 minute session taped for XM Radio.

After scattered summer appearances, we played as an 8-piece ensemble down by the Ohio River in Cincinnati at Tall Stacks Festival and helped the moon rise over the suspension bridge. In November, we joined Cowboy Junkies for a freewheeling musical train ride across Canada, and stepped off the train in Jasper, knee deep in a winter wonderland.

We ended the year with a limited release of our new Christmas record, Snow Angels, and mostly laughed our way through one of our most memorable Christmas tours ever.

And we even found time to take the band to Echo Park (one of our favorite recording studios) in Bloomington, Indiana, for a weekend, where we gathered ‘round, rolled tape and played whatever we felt like playing at the time, just to see what would happen if we did.

Well, here’s some evidence that it all really happened. This is Volume Two in a series – an annual tradition we’ve begun, which we hope will eventually feel like a handful of rare musical postcards made for our closest friends. We are truly blessed that you care enough to listen in. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks to Jake and Mickey and Paul for helping breathe new life into these songs. Thanks to Brandon for taking such good care of us on the road and to Juicy for mixing the band’s sound night after night. Thanks to Michael and Bill for the photographs and thanks to Owen for the design. Please visit for much more.

Turn it on up a little louder and enjoy,
Over the Rhine

I Want You To Be My Love

I like to introduce this song in concert by saying that sometimes Karin and I have a contest to see who can write the simplest song. No fancy words, no fancy chords, but you have to feel something on your skin.

She won this one.

I love it when these little musical snapshots surpass the original recordings. I think this version may have.


This classic tune was first recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio, of all places. We’ve recorded several versions of our own – it has a way of reinventing itself. This is our 2006 arrangement. I’m trying to play the piano like an old man.

Failed Christian

Jack Henderson first played this song for us. It appears on the Nick Lowe record called, Dig My Mood. That’s a great record by the way, well worth owning. Failed Christian was written by someone we know nothing about: Henry McCullough. Our prayer has always been that our music will encourage real conversation, and if this song doesn’t get some conversation going, I’m not sure what will.

We’ve met a lot of people that would identify to some degree with the character in this song, and it seems they very seldom have a platform to express the way they feel. We hope our music gives people a voice who may otherwise feel like no one’s listening.

We were leaning toward not including the song on the record, and then on Ash Wednesday, Juicy stopped by the farm and we played it, and we all immediately realized that we had to include it. Juicy said, Think of all the times in the Psalms when David felt like a failure. It’s confession. It’s real.

Karin likes to refer to the drums at the end as, The Cleansing Loop.

Long Lost Brother

We thought this was a good follow up to the previous track. This is another one that may have surpassed our original recording, hard to say. This song was recently featured by some Nuns on their website. We thought maybe we’d tour some convents, but then we remembered that the Abbeys have the bourbon-soaked fudge.

Everybody Wants To Feel Like You

We recently got to play the Ann Arbor folk festival right before John Prine, and I kept wondering if Karin was going to kneel down and kiss the stage like Chrissy Hynde did when she opened for Neil Young. Regardless, John Prine is an American treasure. Karin got this tune stuck in her head, and decided to give it a spin. It’s not one of John’s better-known songs by any means (co-written by Keith Sykes), but I liked Karin’s take on it. It appears on John Prine’s The Missing Years.

Jesus In New Orleans, Anything At All

These songs from our double album OHIO still regularly turn up in our sets and still often manage to feel sort of new somehow.

North Pole Man

Check out Mickey’s fab falsetto! You can hear the original version on our brand new Christmas CD, Snow Angels.

Little Did I Know

Just another one of those make-out jams we’re occasionally known for. The original version of this tune appears on our CD Drunkard’s Prayer.

Orphan Girl

We’re glad to finally have a concert recording of this oft-requested song that was written by one of our favorite songwriters, Gillian Welch. That’s some pretty decent banjo playing Paul – not bad at all for a symphony orchestra violinist!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present an exhibit in good singing and not so good singing. This song was written by Frank Loesser, another prominent contributor to The American Songbook. Frank’s son John has a contagious enthusiasm, loves good music, and has become a friend of ours.

Hush Now

We thought the boys gave this kitchen waltz a nice gypsy swing.

Off the Rails

This was a completely spontaneous barnyard stampede of sorts that happened after Jake happened to say, One, Two, Three, Four. Who knew Karin could play mouth trumpet like that? I certainly didn’t. But she reminded me she was 4th chair trumpet in high school for a minute.