Thanks to the many good people who pitched in to help us release Love & Revelation, as well as Linford’s new solo piano album, Ten Songs Without Words, and the forthcoming Over the Rhine hymns record. 

Angel Investor

Phil Nuxhall 

All these broken angels,
all these tattered wings,
all these things

come alive in me.

Thank you, Phil.

Live It

Brian & Anne Dupras
Barry & Kate Grayson
Leslie Jones
Elizabeth Killian
Lisa & Dan Laukitis
Sean Madden
Jeffrey Ward

Produce It

Steven Esposito
John Kornblum
Matthew Sena
Mary L. Watt
Chad and Rebecca Savage Mueller (Honorary)

Executive Producers (Barn Dance Beauties)

Dick, Eileen, Kate, Jennifer & Sara Alexander
Eileen Mosher & Brent Vimtrup
Lynn A. Neal, Dedicated to Millard Neal

Executive Producers (Hayloft Guitars)

Randy & Ruth Ann Cooper
Elizabeth Killian
Raymond & Madelynn Matlock
Tom Rohrkasse & Kimberly Pascua
Becki & Mike Ramsay
Mary L. Watt
John & Deborah Wesselhoeft