“Stories they get passed around… and laughter — it gets handed down…”

When you’ve been traveling the world with a suitcase full of songs for over three decades, you build up quite the collection of memories. And the most beautiful thing about memories is sharing them—passing around the stories and handing down the laughter.

We get quite a few emails and messages in any given year asking if we still have a particular poster or out-of-print item available somewhere. Or letters wondering if it’s possible that we could sign and ship a particular CD or vinyl release etc.

Well, pull up a seat while we open up the archives to see what treasures we can find.

In exclusive partnership with The Dialogical Diplomat (brother Myron Detweiler’s eBay storefront), we'll be offering up a lifetime of collectibles: vintage posters, out-of-print CDs, vinyl test pressings, rare apparel pieces, the occasional antiquarian book from our (overflowing) library and more. Many items will be signed. 

New items will be added weekly with both auction and buy-it-now listings to choose from. Bookmark the link and check back often to see what new surprises we have in store.